About us

Our Mission

The ME CFS Foundation South Africa NPC is the first Foundation in South Africa to represent the ME/CFS community in South Africa. The Foundation aims to address the dire need of those suffering from this debilitating and devastating illness, and to put an end to the misconceptions surrounding the illness. The Foundation strives to be the point of contact for other ME organisations, local and international; and to liaise with medical personnel, universities, etc. for awareness and education purposes. The Foundation also strives to provide comprehensive support to those affected by ME/CFS, which includes diagnosis.


The objectives of the Foundation are:

  • The provision of health care services to poor and needy persons; and
  • The care or counselling of terminally ill persons or persons with severe physical or mental disability, and the counselling of their families in this regard.

These objectives will generally be achieved through the following core activities:

  • To provide healthcare and counselling services for those patients who cannot afford them;
  • To raise awareness of ME/CFS; and
  • To advocate for the rights and interests of persons living with ME/CFS.


Due to the disabling effects of the illness, many ME/CFS patients are living in isolation and poverty and can’t afford medical help. We need funds in order to assist them. Please see how you can help for info on how to make a donation.

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